Credit: NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech

Julia Venturini



  • 09.12.21: Public Talk about Exoplanets at the Universidad de la Republica (in Spanish). Live streaming here at 17:00 Uruguay time (21:00 CET).

  • Invited Talk at EPSC about Planet Formation on the Outer Disk. September 2021.

  • Invited Talk at the Annual Meeting of the German Astronomical Society about the Radius Valley. September 2021.

  • Contributed Talk at the TESS Science Conference II about the origin of the Radius Valley . (At video time 1h 55m). August 2021.

  • Public Talk about Exoplanets at the Pro ISSI Association. May 2021.

  • Our book on Planetary Atmospheres is out! April 2021.

  • Radio Interview in Radio Uruguay about Exoplanets (in Spanish). November 2020.